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Balance, Strentgh, Courage, Surrender – Inward I Go!

Balance – Strength – Courage

2021 has arrived! We are midway through the longest month of the year and we are still SURVIVING!


As much as we would like to forget 2020 completely, we simply cannot forget the invaluable lessons it taught us, nor can we turn a blind eye to all the opportunities it brought us. It turned our world’s upside down and pushed us beyond our limitations, it made us realise we can live outside the norm, we can rise, we can create and we can love deeply. Appreciation, Gratitude and Unconditional Love became the essence of each new day! So as we continue surviving in this new 2021 year, let’s be continueosly reminded just how precious this life is, let’s continue to love unconditionally, let’s live with balance, strength and courage, let’s surrender and turn inwards – let us live with our hearts wide open.

Sthira-Sukham āsanam (PS 11:46)

Patanjali Yoga Sutra (PS 11:46) has many translations, one of them being “let your connection to the earth be steady and joyful”. This referring to our Yoga Practice but can also be brought into meaning in our daily lives off the mat…

  • Sthira ~ Strength, Grounded, Integrity
  • Sukham ~ Openness, Centered, Joyful
  • āsanam ~ our practice
We can resolve to bring Strength, Integrity and Groundedness into every connection we make...

We can resolve to become centered, live with openness and find joy in everything we do...

We can resolve to engage Sthira-Sukham āsanam within our space on this beautiful earth...

This beautiful extract from Yung Pueblo’s book “Inward” resonates within me the hope, faith and absolute trust that our journey of survival, our journey to healing and our journey to Bliss has only just begun!

“We live in a unique time, where fear-driven and hateful emotions are coming to surface so that they can be completely released, so that we can create a new world where institutionalized forms of harm are no longer factors in our lives as it works for the individual, it also works for the collective of humanity. We can’t heal what is ignored, nor can we live happily and freely if we continue running away from our own darkness. Personally, my faith in people. Our courage to turn inward in the hope of uncovering and releasing all that stands in our way of becoming beings of unconditional love is what will bring harmony and peace to our world. Unity with those around us is most possible when we become interally whole and loving. Wisdom more easily flows through us when our minds and hearts are no longer reacting to the suffering of everyday life. This does not mean that we will become cold or distant; it means that we will learn to respond calmly to inevitable changes of life without causing ourselves misery. We will learn to respond to life as opposed to blindly reacting to it. Humans affect one another deeply, in ways that the world at large is just beginning to understand. When we begin healing ourselves, it sets off waves that connect us to those who have healed in the past and those who will heal in the future. When we heal ourselves, it gives strength to those who need more support to take on their own personal healing journey.

What WE do reverberates throughout time and space; like a rock thrown into a lake, the circles it creates in all directions.”

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Those moments on your patio

Those moments in your car

Those moments sitting at your favourite café

Those moments you find yourself standing or sitting still

It’s in these moments that we hear the music…

The music of Nature:

Birds chirping, insects buzzing, the gentle wind swooshing around, the rustling of leaves as the trees sway too and fro

The music of the Ocean:

Waves coming and going crashing on the beach on those rocks ahead, salty water flowing, sea spray gently cooling, soft crisp sounds as your feet are massaged walking on the beach

The music of City Life:

Chitter chatter, cars busses and motorcycles zooming around, hooting and the clickety clack from the footsteps of pedestrians

The music of our inner beings:

Close your eyes, hear your heartbeat, listen to your breathe as it travels in and out of your lungs, hear the sounds of your body continuously creating the energy to keep you alive

Those moments when it is just you and the world around you, those moments we press pause on life for just a few minutes…

It’s in these moments where you will HEAR THE MUSIC

These are the moments where…


Butterflies, Rainbows, Yoga


Yoga Sutra II.45 – samādhi-siddhir Īśvara-praṇidhānāt :: “Perfect samadhi comes to one who surrenders to God.”

Much is taught in life about surrender, our ego’s especially convince us that surrendering shows weakness, shows we have given up. It forces us to remain on auto-pilot constantly ready to fight or take flight. Our lives are consumed with stresses in so many forms and our ego’s force us into a constant heaviness.

We are all in search of EQUANIMITY, in search of a moment in time where we will not be seen or judged as weak or as quitters. We have a deep thirst for that mental calmness, composure and evenness of our ego’s and tempers yet never do we allow ourselves the opportunity to choose equanimity, to pause and take a moment to reflect and breath… TO SURRENDER!

Now what if… you choose to surrender?!

We make the effort to make so many choices daily, the choice to drink that delicious cappuccino, the choice to eat the perfect meal, the choice to dress up, show up or stay away… all these choices remain our own, but rarely do we make the choice to calm our busy minds, rarely do we choose to move our ego’s aside and step on the brakes of auto-pilot!

Sur•ren•der means: to give up personal control (ego) for personal peace (bliss)

Choosing a moment of surrender is making a choice to invest in yourself to press those brakes hard on life and letting your ego sit aside. It is to give up that inner voice controlling your actions and reactions, your thoughts and feelings. You are not a quitter as you are not quitting anything you are not weak for you are choosing to find that moment of personal peace within yourself. This is strength and resilience! Choosing to surrender to a moment in the turmoils of life recharges your mind, body and soul it brings you so much closer to absolute bliss!

How do I surrender??

Pause ~ close your eyes ~ take a deep breath ~ sit or lie comfortably ~ relax your body ~ relax your mind ~ listen to the sounds around you ~ listen to the sounds within you ~ observe your feelings ~ breathe ~ allow yourself this moment of utter peace and stillness.

This willingness to surrender in this moment may bring about temporary reflections of your past or present. Allow these reflections in, honor them, be honest with them, own them and forgive them. Don’t dwell on them let them be just what they are… reflections!

Take a deep breath… pause… now exhale and let these reflections wander off, float away, let them go and allow yourself this moment of freedom to ignite your soul with unconditional love, begin to bloom, begin to breathe the freshness of this absolute bliss!!


Butterflies, Rainbows, Yoga

Words and Actions MATTER!

Words matter to know someone’s perception, Actions matter to know someone’s behaviour, Intention matters to know someone’s soul… Ashish Kumar Srivastav

It is astounding that something so simple can be so complex. Words have such power over beings and yet actions display so much more meaning. The level at which to create a balance with both is simple but yet so complex, undoubtedly it is possible, should the willingness to create such a balance exist.

Words can cause irreversible damage and linger on in ones mind and thoughts for periods unimaginable. Words create a mind shift of thoughts, creating illusions of self doubt and questioning self worth inexplicable to ears, even those willing to listen to understand and not only to hear would not understand.

ACTIONS play such an important role in bridging the mind shift created by words, as actions play and feel too ones heart as well as the mind, reminding us consciously that there is meaning above the words spoken, reminding us that what we see is what we feel even if words have created a mind full of illusions.

A fine line divides simple from complex, yet the same fine line divides words from actions making it a choice to be simple or complex. This fine line is a choice of willingness to make your words matter and your actions matter. Words spoken and actions shown with intention create a ripple effect into the ocean of the soul.



Butterfly Bliss

Who would have thought 2020 would turn out the way it has thus far. The Universe shifted us all to a standstill and in a blink of an eye we needed to surrender. Life as we knew it started to change. If you haven’t seen the signs yet, then open your eyes and really take a look around you, because transformation is taking place within you and around you this instance.

We are all caterpillars moving along life at our own pace, in our own directions eating away at everything within our site. Thinking existence as is, is enough. Thinking existence is Bliss!

Bliss: a state of complete happiness or joy!

Existence as it has been like it or not has not been bliss. Living your life eating away at everything in your path, moving within your own direction at your own pace with flaps on your eyes does not merely and could not nearly be a described as a state of Bliss.

We all feel and hear our (Inner voice) our spirit move within us, we all hear the sounds and see the signs around us but rarely do we stop, take a moment , breathe and just listen to the inner voices (our spirits) speaking to us and hear what they are trying to tell us, trying to teach us. Us (the caterpillars) have eaten away for far to long, feeding on ourselves and on our Mother Earth, feeding on each other, feeding on life and finally we are at a standstill, our time for transformation has arrived and so we remain still, hanging (like a pupa) from a branch in a cocoon of turmoil forced together, forced to stop, forced to face what is ahead of us, forced to listen to our inner voices, voices of others and the voice of Mother Earth. Being the humans we are it always takes a push and a nudge with a pinch of force before we accept what we have known and heard all along, because what if…the change you have been avoiding is the one that gives you WINGS?

The metamorphosis has begun – the journey to bliss has begun!

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty”

This Journey (metamorphosis) can be seen as the beginning of the end of what was and the start of something new. Embrace the transformation as it unfolds within you, work through the fears and hurt, deal with each feeling from the past and present. Its chaos and painful, but it is necessary, inner conflict is never easy as it feels unsafe. From fear comes strength and the will to fight forward to deal with each broken piece and bid it farewell. The transformation happening within and around you is necessary for once you have bid farewell to the chaos and conflict and forgiveness is complete you will open your eyes and discover what has been lying deep within your soul all along…

YOU…. The most magnificent human being filled with love and compassion, a soul filled with fire and a heart filled with pure gold. A light that shines so bright no darkness could break into…

…and if you are ready to accept this metamorphosis, accept the beauty that YOU are. You will finally see the profound colours of your wings. You will see that you are divine, you are unconditional love, you are beautiful, YOU are perfect and you are ready…

Now spread your wings and show the world the beauty that is you. The divine light that is you, the love that is you and spread your BLISS you have finally found…

Your Butterfly Bliss…